We do BIM differently!

Throughout our BIM journey, we play with automation technologies to boost efficiency and turn around time.


Therefore, Our solutions are tailored to match the phase of the project and obviously, we are cost effective when compared to traditional workflows.

Design with us and enjoy the benefit of automation

Our Team is expertized in Engineering and Development. We understand all the phases of construction like schematic design, Detailed design, and construction design.


Also if you talk about MEPF for example where

we understand all engineering principles and possibilities. 

Moreover, we are focused on automation to solve all your

designing problems in seconds. 

Prefab factory ready models 

Since we play with Automation upgrading your models to LOD 400 is much easier than ever. We do content creation as well to match your data and visulization needs.


Cloud-ready modeling solution for BIM Projects

we work with all popular BIM 360 platforms also all our technologies are scalable with the Autodesk forge platform as well. 

Cloud platforms will offer real-time collaboration through which we ll able to provide our services anywhere in the world.

Apply our Technology! 

3D Programming

Qosteq team is focused on 3d modeling technologies for which we code and automate everything as possible. 

Ou team includes Design Engineers, Architects, software developers, and Mathematicians.


Also, we provide custom development based on your work flow

Running Behind Schedule?

We automate it faster!

Ever worry about meeting Deadlines? Give us a chance to get rid out of your trouble to meet deadlines. 

Our tech solutions will help you to create 3D models for coordination and construction. 

Let's work with our magic!

We will help you to Increase Productivity


BIM, Laser Scanning, As-Built, Trimble, Shop drawings, engineering Design, Automation and Coordination.

Technology Advancements, Automation, 3D programming, Intelligent Modelling, Data-driven models and conten creation.

As-Built ready

Our team is specialized in both laser scanning and scan to BIM services. Our Industry ready models will be used for As-Built coordination and facility management.



We also provide virtual reality solutions to help site personals and improve installation and commissioning workflows.

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